Historic Pieces

Roman Glass

Roman Glass is ancient glass unearthed from Roman ruled areas from around 2000 years ago. With innovations in glass blowing techniques, using glass for commonly used items became widespread in the Roman Empire.

Most of the Roman glass pieces found today that are used in making Roman Glass Jewelry come from ancient household items. The Romans commonly used glass for storing and serving food and drink as well as storing cosmetics and medicines. Glass used in current Roman Glass Jewelry often come from items such as bowls, cups, bottles, jars, vases, lamps and urns.

widow's mite

Story of the Widow's Mite

The Christian lesson of the widow's mites, as relayed in Luke (21:1-4) and Mark (12:41-44), is an enduring testament to the value of faith. A destitute widow has only a few mites to her name, and those she gave selflessly as her donation to the Temple. (Mites were ancient pennies, fairly worthless at the time). Jesus comments that her modest gift was worth more than the ostentatious contributions of the wealthy, for her mites represented all that she had. This virtuous woman had demonstrated true Christian faith in God -- she could not know from where her next meal would come, but she believed that He would provide for her..

Atocha Coin jewelry

The Sunken Treasure of the Nuestra Senora de Atocha (Our Lady of Atocha) Spanish Galleon shipwrecked on September 5, 1622 when it struck a reef and sank in the Florida Keys taking with her 264 souls. The Galleon contained 47 troy tons of treasure, which were scattered over 50 miles of the ocean florr. Only 5 people survived the wreck. The treasure remained buried at sea until 1985 when salvager Mel Fisher found the sunken treasure.

Historic Pieces