Bering Watches

The perfect symbiosis of minimal flat design and maximum strength. Slim High-Tech Ceramic. Scratch-Resistant Sapphire Crystal. 3- year international warranty. Exclusive to Amelia's Fine Jewelry in the Amelia Island area.


Chisel Contemporary Metals Collection features alternative metals for durability and a distinctive appearance. Chisel jewelry features bold and modern designs that can suit any style.The collection's contemporary metals are much more corrosion and scratch resistant than precious metals, so they will stay beautiful longer and require less maintenance. All of these alternative metals are hypoallergenic and each material has its own advantages.The Chisel contemporary metals collection features alternative metals including:Stainless steel, Titanium, Black Ti™, Ceramic, Cobalt, Vitalium®, Timoku™. To view more of their collection visit their website:

Men's Collection

Midas Chain

Men's chains to fit every style and budget.